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Nets to deliver payment solutions for Lunar Way across Nordics


Thomas Jul, Head of Financial and Network Services, Nets

Denmark-based neo bank Lunar Way has selected Nets in a bid to enhance the delivery of its payment solutions as well as expand its offerings beyond the Nordic region.

Thomas Jul, Head of Financial and Network Services, Nets, commented, “We are very excited to be chosen as a partner by Lunar Way. It is not every day that you enter into collaboration with a brand-new bank – and especially the kind of bank that Lunar Way is developing. New and different solutions are needed while ensuring stability and security to ensure great user experience for all Lunar Way customers. This is an exciting task that we look forward to working on.”

According to the supplier, the partnership is expected to improve the customer experience for Lunar Way’s users in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. It will also facilitate the provision of electronic signature services as well as fraud management assistance. The bank is in the process of exporting its newly acquired banking license to Sweden and Norway for the delivery of products and services.

Peter Smith, Head of Banking, Lunar Way, said, “Nets is a leader in the payments space, both in Denmark and abroad. Together, we will look at the development of new, innovative payment solutions that fit our users’ lifestyles and needs. We look forward to offering the users the stability that Nets is known for and utilizing Nets’ expertise in fraud monitoring and prevention as we build our new bank.”

Recently, Mastercard agreed to acquire the Nordic paytech company Nets for approximately $3.19 billion in a bid to beef up its existing account-to-account capabilities (A2A).

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