netguardiansNetGuardians and the School of Engineering and Management Vaud (HEIG-VD) have teamed to create a “made in Switzerland” research team focused on AI and machine learning. Supported by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, the project aims to use AI to take fraud detection “to the next level”.

NetGuardians is hoping the collaboration will develop its real-time fraud detection capabilities, aided by a team from the Information and Communications Technologies (IICT) division at HEIG-VD. For its part, HEIG-VD will bring new algorithmic approaches and academic knowledge on machine learning and AI to “further optimise fraud detection, prevention and operational control”.

“At HEIG-VD, cross-disciplinary expertise brings varied academic perspectives to industry challenges,” says HEIG-VD Professor Stephan Robert of the IICT. “To know industry needs better, and to transfer technology to market faster, working with industry leaders like NetGuardians is key to our strategy.”

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by Alex Hamilton
Alex is Senior Reporter at IBS Intelligence, follow him on Twitter or contact him at: