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nCipher Security launches nShield as a Service for secure code execution


Peter Galvin, VP, Strategy, nCipher Security

UK-based provider of hardware security models (HSMs), nCipher Security, has announced the launch of nShield as a Service in a bid to enable organizations to protect their sensitive data and applications. The new service is also expected to assist the institutions in achieving compliance through cryptography.

“nShield as a Service makes it easy to adopt a secure, multi-cloud encryption strategy using the same nShield HSMs organizations deploy on site today.  The nShield as a Service launch highlights the synergies we’ve gained since becoming an Entrust Datacard company in June. We were able to accelerate and enhance nShield as a Service by combining our HSM and cryptography expertise with Entrust Datacard’s experience in data centers, cloud services, and HSM operations. The result is a powerful HSM as a service solution that complements the company’s cloud-based PKI and IoT security solutions, ” said Peter Galvin, VP of strategy, nCipher Security.

According to the supplier, nShield as a Service allows customers to implement Bring Your Own Key and Host Your Own Key solutions with a third-party service along with secure code execution for cloud-based workloads and integrate with third-party applications in the cloud. The service utilizes nShield HSMs to generate, access and protect cryptographic key material separately from sensitive data, thereby allowing customers to scale HSM operations while retaining control of their key material.

Established in Cambridgeshire, nCipher Security, an Entrust Datacard company and a player in the general-purpose hardware security module (HSM) market, aims to propel organizations by delivering control to their business-critical information and applications.

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