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RBS, Natwest incident: Aging IT products have been exposed, say Nimbus Hosting founder

Tim Dunton

Tim Dunton, Founder, Nimbus Hosting

Even as traditional banks globally are transforming themselves to offer seamless digital services to their customers, many are still not fully equipped to do that. As a result, their IT infrastructure often remains exposed thus leading to technical glitches. This is quite evident from the fact that two large UK-based banks— NatWest and RBS, were hit by IT issues twice in one week leaving customers without access to their online accounts.

In a tweet, the 51-year-old retail bank Natwest, said “Our website is currently unavailable. We’re working hard getting it back up and running for you. We’ll post an update when we have more information. In the meantime, please use our mobile app or contact us if you need urgent help.” Similarly, RBS also tweeted that the website was down, but the mobile app was up and running.

Website of both the banks suffered technical glitches for over seven hours affecting millions of customers across the country who could not access any of their credit and debit card information, according to various media reports.

Experts feel that such frequent technical problems can mar experience and trust of the customers and that lately, several banks are witnessing similar challenges more often. This, experts, feel could be due to an aging infrastructure that is still being used by the banks.

Tim Dunton, MD, Nimbus Hosting, said, “Once again the banking industry’s aging IT infrastructure has been exposed, revealing a catalog of errors and glitches that will have profound consequences for customers. In the digital age of internet banking, 24-hour access to your finances is not a luxury, often it is a requirement to have instant access to your funds for personal or business reasons.”

Dunton further added that it is, hence, vital that the banks take a proactive approach to address these issues. “This means prioritizing operations to ensure consumers are not inconvenienced or impacted by glitches and online outages. At the same time, it is equally important that financial institutions beef up security systems and improve their IT infrastructure to ensure that errors and glitches do not negatively impact consumers or affect banking transactions or payments, for example,” said Dunton of Nimbus, a UK based company that makes hosting into a simple and hassle-free experience for banks, through great customer support and a range of specially designed tools.

This is not the first time that Natwest and RBS faced technical glitches. In September last, RBS and NatWest and Ulster Bank faced similar IT outages as more and more customers demanding 24-hour access to banking services.

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