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NatWest customers in the UK were unable to log on to their internet banking services on Monday, following an issue with the bank’s IT systems.

NatWest error

Customers faced this error message

Users trying to access their accounts online were met with an error message detailing that the service was temporarily unavailable. They took to social media to complain about the apparent issue but were told by NatWest representatives that the site wasn’t experiencing any issues.

The bank eventually restored service by the end of the day, with payments processing that night. Customers  would have been forgiven for worrying, though, after RBS – which runs the NatWest brand – was hit by glitches which affected the payments of more than 600,000 customers earlier this year.

The banking group announced radical plans to slash its IT infrastructure in 2014, with up to 40 core banking systems and as many as 70 payment systems worth £1 billion facing the axe.

HSBC has also faced payments issues recently, with an error in its IT systems meaning that 275,000 customers, both commercial and corporate, were unable to make and receive crucial monthly payments.

By Alex Hamilton

by Darshana Adanwale