National Bank of BahrainNational Bank of Bahrain (NBB) to install biometrically protected bulk cash deposit machines in client offices in Bahrain.

This move is in line with the bank’s vision of expanding its transaction banking offerings and improve their accessibility and user experience.

NBB’s corporate clients are deploying high-speed large cash deposit machines (CDM) in their head offices and retails outlets. Accessed by biometric scans, the machines will let the clients deposit cash up to 20,000 notes at a time, which will be instantly credited to their accounts, it said in a statement.

The machines have been successfully deployed at various business client premises, National Bank of Bahrain said.

Retail customers can also deposit large amounts of cash through this 24/7 easy deposit functionality by using their NBB debit cards, it said.

Recently, NBB completed the SWIFT Global Payments Innovation certification. SWIFT GPI provides the customers with benefits such as faster payments, end-to-end tracking and confirmation of information when beneficiaries receive payment. It also aims to provide customers with digital access to monitor payments at a later stage

by Krishna V Kurup
Senior Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence