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MoneyGram, Visa team up to launch a new P2P money transfer service

MoneyGram International Inc., a global provider of innovative money transfer services, in partnership with Visa Inc. via Visa Direct (a real-time push payments platform) has announced the launch of a new debit card deposit service.

The new person-to-person (P2P) money transfer option will allow customers in the United States to send money domestically through the MoneyGram app or via its website to other recipients’ eligible debit cards, the company said in a statement.

“Visa and MoneyGram share a common goal of providing customers with a fast and reliable way to pay and be paid. By implementing Visa Direct, companies like MoneyGram are able to offer choice, flexibility, and peace of mind to customers…” Bill Sheley, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Visa Direct, Visa commented.

Pricing for the debit card deposit service starts at $1.99 and allows customers to transfer funds to the eligible debit card at any time, including weekends and holidays. Currently available only in the US, the companies have plans to push the service to the markets outside the US soon.

MoneyGram is a provider of omnichannel money transfer and payment services that enable consumers to safely and conveniently send money in over 200 countries and territories. The platform leverages its digital and physical network, global financial settlement engine, cloud-based infrastructure with integrated APIs, and its compliance program.

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Cloud9 Technologies teams up with comitFS to boost real-time voice trading APIs

Cloud-based communications provider Cloud9 Technologies has teamed up with comitFS, a UK-based provider of voice middleware and API abstraction capabilities for financial services companies. The collaboration will facilitate the development of real-time call control capabilities for voice trading within the institutional marketplace. “As trading dynamics shift to a more digitally-driven environment, firms want the peace […]

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Quantum Group acquires mobile cashback app Tail

London-based FinTech incubator Quantum Group today announced the acquisition of mobile cashback app Tail. The acquisition is expected to enable Quantum Group to increase the number of banking partners integrated with Tail and to onboard different retailers from around the UK. Tail’s platform enables retailers to create hyperlocal marketing campaigns, thus allowing them to increase […]

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