MHB Bank joins forces with Raisin to become Raisin Bank

Dr. Andreas Wolf, CCO of Raisin Bank

Raisin has announced the re-positioning of MHB Bank to Raisin Bank post their €25 million investment from Goldman Sachs and their acquisition of retirement funds specialist fairr. It has also stated that its German brand WeltSparen will be renamed to WeltSparen by Raisin.

“The bank’s rebranding is the next move in a realignment, underscoring our strong focus on digitization, fintech, and banking-as-a-service. The in-depth exchange of experience and knowledge with Raisin helps us support our cooperation partners even better. It also means we will soon be able to offer a broader palette of services with the most modern interfaces in the digital retail banking business,” explained Dr. Andreas Wolf, Chief Commercial Officer of Raisin Bank.

The supplier has stated that Raisin along with Raisin Bank aim to utilize the opportunities in the areas of customer access, technology and regulation for the launch of new products and entry in new markets. The supplier is expected to leverage MHB Bank’s focus on bank lending solutions and escrow services.

Raisin, in March, announced that it has taken over MHB Bank in a bid to expand its areas of operation as well as its value chain. The acquisition aimed to combine the banking regulatory techniques with the expertise of a customer-centric fintech.

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