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Mastercard claims Masterpass momentum

Mastercard reports that, by end of June, its digital payment service Masterpass was accessible to 200 million consumers across 18 countries in Europe, almost twice as much as by end of Q1 2016. 40 issuers, including KBC Bank in Ireland, Intesa Sanpaolo in Italy, SEB, Nordea, Swedbank, ICA Banken and Resurs Bank in Sweden and Viseca in Switzerland, are now using Masterpass to integrate digital payments into their services.

Currently available in 33 markets around the world and with planned expansion to 36 by the end of 2016, the offering stores all payment information, including card details from both Mastercard and other payment networks, shipping information, and payment preferences in one place. “Europe is at the forefront of the move to digital at speed and Europeans are demanding not just simple and smart ways to pay and interact but also enhanced experiences which makes life easier digitally. Together with our partners we are at the leading edge of transforming the way people pay every day and already 200 million can have access to seamless payments via smartphone or connected device with Masterpass. The global momentum we’re achieving with banks, merchants and consumers is proof-positive of our efforts to create simple and secure digital payment experiences anywhere consumers want to shop,” says Javier Perez, President Europe at Mastercard.

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