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Lloyds banking Group selects Callsign for mitigating fraud

Zia Hayat, CEO and Founder of Callsign

London based Callsign, an intelligence driven authentication firm that offers solutions in the Artificial Intelligence, Computer, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Network Security industry has announced that it will be working with Lloyds Banking Group on providing digital identification and authentication solutions.

Zia Hayat, CEO and Founder of Callsign said: “We have already built a brilliant foundation with Lloyds Banking Group and I am thrilled at the prospect of continuing our working relationship. Our solution will enable the bank to go even further in maintaining a premium customer experience when it comes to identification, traditionally a challenging thing to achieve.”

This latest partnership will see Lloyds bank rolling out Callsign’s platform to all its customers across its core branches. The utilization of Callsign’s platform will supports Lloyds’ primary objective of protecting its customers from fraud and will also improve customer experience. Callsign’s technology works by using multiple real-time data points to help ensure customer KYC verification, combining multi-factor authentication and transaction approvals.

Callsign provides solutions banks and offer “bank grade” identification to public and private sector clients of all sizes. Callsign uses AI and Machine Learning combined with people to make sure the policies work from a user, company and regulatory perspective, ending the perceived identity paradox, as the needs of all three can be met without any compromise.

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