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Limeglass to partner with providers after J.P. Morgan investment

Limeglass is looking to enter into several partnerships with providers after securing funding from J.P. Morgan, its CEO has revealed in an interview with IBS Intelligence.


Rowland Park, Co-Founder and CEO at Limeglass

The London-based financial research company aims to enrich providers’ services due to a lack of innovation in the delivery process.

Rowland Park co-founded Limeglass, the fourth online research industry company he has worked for and the third he has co-founded. He explained that after 30 years in the industry, he had noticed that the people in the banks hardly read the research.

“The desks in the trading rooms were saying ‘look, we want what you’re doing because internally, we publish so much research that we hardly read it, and when we go on the website we struggle to find it’.”

“Some of these banks are publishing hundreds of PDF or HTML research articles every day. It’s an information overload that sits in their inboxes,” Park said.

Founded with Simon Gregory, the CTO, Limeglass makes research searchable by extracting the nuggets of paragraphs in a research article, and tagging them with the relevant words; an article on unemployment in the UK will contain the keywords UK and unemployment, and synonyms such as joblessness, despite not naming any of the words in the paragraph.

The technology is the first of its kind and stands out because it also filters out the words used which are irrelevant to the article, such as naming China or Singapore in a disclaimer.

After completing J.P. Morgan’s In-Residence scheme, the bank decided to invest in Limeglass, allowing the company to expand the team and grow “more than just organically” and speed up plans.

“We’re looking to work with some other big providers to essentially enrich their service. The interesting thing is we didn’t touch the editorial process. If we were going in saying ‘you’re going to have to rewrite things”, you can imagine that it would be a nightmare. We just take the information once it’s written, so once it’s published, we take it, we enrich it, and we give it back to them so that they can do more with it, and have all the metrics,” Park explained.

Limeglass’ Research Atomisation technology enables utilisation of Natural Language Processing, AI, machine learning, cross-asset, and macro taxonomy for smart-tagging paragraphs in context. It automatically analyses paragraphs in research documents in real-time.

“We’re breaking down the research into a topic search, and that makes it interesting,” Park said.

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