Lending fintech CrediTú launches instant mortgage approval

CrediTúChile-based lending fintech company CrediTú has launched an automatic approval system for mortgages in Chile. A first one of its kinds, the system is expected to accelerate the process of mortgage approval in the country.

At present, 95% of CrediTú’s clients are approved in less than 2 days making them the fastest service provider in the Chilean financial market to date, according to the supplier.

However, with the new feature, CrediTú is aiming to finance customers in a couple of seconds, as told by Francisco Fainé, Chief Growth Officer at CrediTú in a statement.

He further stated that it’s crucial to be present at the time of customer’s decision-making, the automation of process will allow the client to book a property standing in the showroom itself with the obtaining of approval in just a few seconds.

The company claims that the new development will also ensure the validity of customer information and less risk of incorrect data or fraud. With the new system, CrediTú is expecting to deliver an improved customer experience via a safer procedure.

Francisco Eterovic, CrediTú’s CEO commented that apart from other benefits, from an internal point of view, the project will prove to be cost-efficient in terms of human resources.

“…we expect in five years from now, at least 70% of our sales will be made through this tool,” Fainé stated.

The facility will be made available via two channels: through automatic kiosks and the company’s web and mobile page.

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