KRM22 partners with Veridate Financial for delivering onboarding solution


Keith Todd, Chairman and CEO at KRM22

UK-based risk management technology and software provider, KRM22, has entered into a partnership with Veridate Financial Limited in order to deliver its onboarding application, Digital Client Onboarding, through the Global Risk Platform.

Keith Todd, Chairman, and CEO at KRM22, commented: “Digital Client Onboarding is complementary to our existing portfolio of regulatory and operations risk applications, and will help customers to protect their organisation against the growing risk of financial crime and fraud. We are delighted to be providing customers with further ways to reduce the cost and complexity of risk management.”

The supplier states that the Digital Client Onboarding solution, a solution built for wealth managers and financial services administrators, aims to provide an enhanced user experience with a workflow portal. It also allows for the simplification of the complex onboarding procedures as well as assists in the achievement of KYC/AMl regulations’ compliance.

Recently, Hong Kong-based virtual asset exchange Coinsuper has selected KRM22‘s market surveillance product, Irisium, in a bid to monitor market activity and to drive efficiency and transparency across the exchange.

Established in 2015, Veridate Financial provides solutions to automate processes in the fields including customer onboarding, Fund Administration and consolidated reporting.

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