KRM22 partners with Trailight for Global RIsk Platform enhancement

Keith Todd, CEO of KRM22

KRM22, a software company focussing on risk management for capital markets, has partnered with Trailight Ltd with an aim to enhance KRM22’s Global Risk Platform. The partnership will aim to assist KRM22 in distributing and supporting the Individual Accountability Regime and People Risk Management products on the KRM22 Global Risk Platform.

Keith Todd, CEO of KRM22 commented “Through the implementation of SMCR, the FCA is the latest financial regulator to introduce a new era of accountability for individuals designed to raise standards of governance and conduct in financial services. To ensure effective compliance, firms will need to have in place an end to end compliance solution to capture, evidence, monitor and report the extensive transparency and disclosure requirements. We are delighted to be partnering with Trailight on its holistic compliance offering allowing firms to confidently manage all their regulatory obligations in one place in a cost-effective and efficient way”.

Established in 1991, Trailight provides two compliance products to capital market firms including Individual Accountability Regime, (provides visibility, control and agility to the firms for account management) and the People Risk Management product (allows for efficient risk management in accordance with regulatory rules).

David McNair Scott, CEO of Trailight, commented “We are excited to partner with KRM22 offering our compliance products through its Global Risk Platform. Our products help our clients stay one step ahead of the complex and evolving regulatory landscape. We have seen great market reaction and adoption of our Individual Accountability Regime product and with the final phase of SMCR implementation on the horizon we welcome the opportunity to scale up our business to meet growing demand through this partnership”.

Recently,  KRM22 has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a risk management company Object+.

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