KFH & ProgressSoft partner for cheque deposit solution via mobile

Waleed Khaled Mandani

  Waleed Khaled Mandani

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has launched Mobile Deposit of Cheques in collaboration with an IT solutions provider, ProgressSoft Corporation. The supplier states that the solution is expected to enable quick deposit of cheques through KFH Online, thereby providing customers with a mobile capability for efficient money management.

Group Chief Retail and Private Banking Officer at KFH, Waleed Khaled Mandani said, “The new digital banking service confirms KFH is on track of its digital transformation strategy, indicating Mobile Deposit of Cheques saves KFH customers the time and effort to visit a branch to deposit cheques while maintaining highest safety and security levels. Through this innovative service, KFH strengthens its leadership as an advanced financial solutions provider and keeps abreast of the technological developments in the banking industry, in a way that serves the needs and immediate requirements of the customers”.

KFH has taken part in the digital transformation process through instant financial transfers using RippleNet network, online appointment bookings using Skiplino, cross-border money transfer service- KFH Xpress and KFH Pay service for electronic payments, robot service, chatbots etc.

He continued, “KFH is keeping up with the digital transformation, implementing Fintech and AI, achieving highest standards of efficiency and best utilization of resources as well as promoting the values of entrepreneurship, innovation, partnership and responsibility.”

Established in 1989 in Amman, ProgressSoft Corporation is a global real-time payment solution provider serving around 370  banks, central banks and financial institutions in 24 countries with 6 offices spanning the globe.

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