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Keevo & Iron Mountain partner for protecting digital assets for generations

Keevo, a next-generation crypto hardware wallet has announced that the company has partnered with Iron Mountain, a storage and information management services provider enabling digital transformation, to deliver advanced backup and beneficiary services for users of its next-generation crypto wallet, the Keevo Model 1.

Through the new partnership, Keevo is planning to further advance in its mission to provide security, privacy and simplicity for users to manage their online identity and digital assets.

The Keevo Model 1 offers state-of-the-art security to keep user’s private information secure along with an easy to use interface that makes it simple for users to manage their cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Its patent-pending Multi-Factor/Multi-Signature Authentication system allows users to backup and restore their private information without needing to involve any third-party custodian or write down and manage paper seed phrases. Instead, Keevo’s users encrypt and store their biometric data and passwords on a Keevo backup device called a Carbon Key.

“This new strategic partnership is a significant validation and step forward in achieving our goal of breaking the compromise between security and simplicity. Together with Iron Mountain’s global footprint, world-class data management services, and enterprise-grade, secure storage capabilities, Keevo customers will gain unrivaled privacy, convenience, and security for their digital assets,” said Henry Vogel, Founder and Chairman of Keevo.

Subscribers of Keevo’s Secure Beneficiary and Storage service can designate an heir and allow them to encrypt and store their private data on individual Carbon Keys, which will be stored and secured in an Iron Mountain storage facility.

Upon receiving a subscriber’s Carbon Key, Keevo and Iron Mountain will:

  • Store users’ physical Carbon Key in a geo-dispersed, temperature-controlled and secured Iron Mountain vault,
  • Create a digital backup of users’ encrypted information,
  • Securely store that backup in an air-gapped storage facility,
  • Provide 24/7 security and end-to-end chain of custody controls,
  • Offer users convenient retrieval and re-storage options.

“We’re very excited about this new partnership with Keevo. This innovative solution for cryptocurrency investors showcases the importance of protecting valuable assets for generations, something Iron Mountain has specialized in for decades,” said Tom Fetters, Vice President Data Management at Iron Mountain.

Recently, Curv raised $23 mn in Series A & launched tX for Digital Assets adoption.

Founded in 2017, Keevo is a next-generation crypto hardware wallet with the mission to build a secure and convenient digital vault.

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