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iProov launches cross-platform biometric tech Verifier

London-based biometric authentication technology provider, iProov has announced the availability of its product Verifier to organizations. The product is expected to enable organisations to provide offer secure, high-value transactions in low-security branches and other physical locations, such as kiosks or unmanned offices.

Andrew Bud, Founder and CEO of iProov said, “Over 2.5 million people ‘iProoved’ last year on their mobiles or desktop computers. That same secure, effortless authentication is now possible on kiosks and fixed-format screens. Our customers can offer greater accessibility and inclusion while pursuing opportunities for delivering services in new environments. It’s incredibly important for users to feel involved in the authentication process, and we know they appreciate seeing it unfold on-screen. It reassures them that appropriate care is being taken to ensure they are who they say they are. We care deeply about user experience and have overcome some interesting challenges to replicate this on kiosks. It’s a fantastic piece of innovation from our team.”

According to the supplier, the solution is expected to facilitate the provision of services to citizens and customers without access to a smartphone, services available in additional locations, such as shopping centres or travel hubs, additional verification in branches for high-value transactions and provide ease of use.

The new solution will benefit banks with Know Your Customer procedures and service access, governments with benefits and immigration enrolment and travel providers including airlines, international train services and car hire.

Established in 2011, iProov provides biometric facial authentication technology that is used by banks, governments, and healthcare and travel providers around the world for secure customer onboarding, logon and authentication, to ensure new and returning users are genuine, and to guard against fraudulent attempts to gain access to personal data.

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