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Infosys and IBM collaborate to help accelerate digital transformation

IBM has announced a global alliance with Infosys, a provider of next-generation digital services and consulting, to assist enterprises in accelerating their digital transformation using the IBM public cloud.

The partnership is intended to assist industries in the field of financial services, insurance and healthcare to digitally transform their enterprise workloads and applications by utilising the security, open innovation and enterprise capabilities of the IBM public cloud.

As part of the collaboration, Infosys will offer its clients access to Red Hat’s portfolio of open source offerings on the IBM public cloud. This will assist in taking preventative and compensatory controls for regulatory workloads, multi-architecture support and proactive and automated security, leveraging high level of encryption standards.

“Enterprises cannot truly succeed at digital transformation without leveraging cloud – be it transforming processes, expanding into new markets, launching new products, automating operations or elevating customer experience, cloud is the true enabler to complete digital transformation. But enterprises, especially in highly regulated and data sensitive industries are worried about privacy, regulatory compliance, security and system downtime as they embark on this transformation journey. Our collaboration with IBM will help enterprises across industries address these concerns and accelerate their digital transformation journey on IBM public cloud,” said Ravi Kumar S, President, Infosys.

With this alliance, Infosys will act as a global system integrator for bringing IBM public cloud services to the clients via service providers. IBM will assist Infosys and its clients to expedite efforts such as proof of concepts, running cloud pilots, staffing client innovation centers and other mechanisms designed to deliver value.

Infosys employees from the cloud practice will be trained to become certified on IBM public cloud and assist in implementing solutions on the financial services-ready public cloud, developed by IBM. This will help clients in the financial services industry address their need for regulatory compliance, security and resiliency.

“As businesses today continue to migrate critical workloads to the public cloud, they are also demanding the highest levels of security and control to ensure their data is not compromised. To help clients achieve this balance, we are collaborating with Infosys to provide clients – including those in highly regulated industries – with a seamless path to the IBM public cloud, which was built with their specific needs in mind,” said Bob Lord, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications and Ecosystems, IBM.

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