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IHS Markit partners with Credit Benchmark to enhance Securities Finance platform

IHS Markit has announced a partnership with Credit Benchmark in a bid to utilise the latter’s credit risk analytics in its Securities Finance platform for facilitating the provision for additional performance measurement and reporting capabilities for global lending programs.

Mark C. Faulkner, co-founder of Credit Benchmark said, “Consensus credit analytics brings new and much-needed transparency to the entire securities lending landscape across beneficial owners, agents and principal borrowers. I am delighted to be returning to the securities finance space with this particular service targeted at helping industry participants ‘know your counterparts creditworthiness’ (KYCC).”

The company’s Securities Finance performance measurement tool enables firms to compare returns on portfolio assets against a variety of customizable peer groups. The tool, in combination with Credit Benchmark’s consensus analytics, will allow for the independent valuation of the risk-return exposure based on the credit quality and liquidity of counterparty assets.

“Our collaboration with Credit Benchmark creates the industry’s first solution for managing counterparty credit risk in step with securities lending inventory and loan activity,” said Paul Wilson, managing director and global head of Securities Finance at IHS Markit. “Following the addition of HQLA reference data and inventory and portfolio stability metrics to our platform, the inclusion of credit risk analytics will help firms optimize their use of capital.”

Credit Benchmark is a financial data company that provides consensus credit risk assessments on a range of corporations, financial institutions, sovereigns and other funds. Its credit risk inputs are sourced from around 40 financial institutions, providing a new measure of risk.

Recently, IHS Markit announced its partnership with Yieldbroker, a Tier 1 licensed electronic trading platform for Australian and New Zealand debt securities and derivatives.

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