HSBC and Roostify to enhance digital home lending experience

     Raman Muralidharan

HSBC Bank USA has launched a digital home lending platform, powered by digital lending fintech Roostify, with an aim to provide the customers with a simple and faster loan transaction experience. It is expected to reduce the bank’s manual efforts in processing and closing loans.

Raman Muralidharan, Head of Mortgage, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC Bank said, “Customers are looking for the same ease-of-use and convenience for large transactions like financing a home that they’ve come to expect in other buying experiences. Roostify is able to accelerate our deployment timeframe with a solution that provides a superior experience for our customers and our mortgage consultants.”

According to the bank, the new platform is expected to provide a simplified loan application and fulfilment process for homeowners and buyers during a purchase. Through the platform, customers will be able to submit a loan request online, share digital documents and much more. The integration with Roostify will assist the bank’s lending team in transferring information, efficient communication and enhance the quality of the loan origination process.

“HSBC has been a great partner in driving innovation to improve their customer experience,” said Rajesh Bhat, CEO and Co-Founder of Roostify. “Information exchange is a vital part of the home-buying experience, and it can be a game changer when done right. This solution provides HSBC’s customers with a modern, improved way of applying for and closing a mortgage and delivers transparency to both the customer and lending team from start to finish, for an optimal experience.”

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