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Big Data analytics startup Hello Soda has opened a US office. Located in Austin, Texas, this will be headed up by international strategies director Ben Allott who has been part of the UK company since its conception three years ago.

Its proposition revolves around the PROFILE platform which enables businesses to gain meaningful insights from unstructured data. PROFILE is utilised to verify ID and detect fraud, assess risk and increase financial inclusion, and to personalise the user experience.

Allott comments: “There is substantial appetite for Hello Soda’s offering in the US where we’ve been doing business for some time. A total of 50% of our revenue is already being generated in the US and we’re forecasting treble digit growth over the next 18 months. It’s a very exciting time for Hello Soda and we look forward to embarking on this new chapter which will demonstrates our commitment to the US market.”

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by Scott Thompson
Scott is Senior Editor at IBS Intelligence. You can follow him on Twitter and contact him at: Scott.Thompson@ibsintelligence.com