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HDFC Life deploys 150 bots using AutomationEdge’s RPA platform

            Jitendra Agrawal

RPA solutions provider AutomationEdge has announced that HDFC Life has deployed 150 of its RPA bots across 26 functions including a custom-built ‘Super Bot’ for the real-time management of the live bots. Each of the bots comprises of a tangible benefit including accuracy improvement, risk reduction, productivity improvement etc.

Jitendra Agrawal, EVP Business Service & Excellence, HDFC Life added, “With added capability of RPA, we have expanded our horizon to drive ‘HDFC Life Way of Excellence’ to a new dimension. Now we have a scalable and secure platform in the organization to address emerging opportunities and systematically address the chronic business problems. The deployment of 150 BOTs across 26 functions is just a beginning of a continuous effort to make composite use of RPA platform and solution along with AI/ML, Analytics to create ‘Cognitive BOTs’ to reimagine the processes and create a significant shift in customer experience and deliver business value, across the value chains.

According to the company, the deployment of the bots aims to further its goal of automating and simplifying the processes of complex products with a multi-distributor model across geographies. The company is expected to conjoin RPA along with AI/ML for the creation of Cognitive BOTs, a step to enhance customer experience and business value creation.

Established in 2015, AutomationEdge is a Robotic Process Automation and IT Automation solutions provider. Its RPA aims to bring together all the essential capabilities required for enterprise automation like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Chatbot, ETL, ready API integrations and IT automation.

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