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Hang Seng Bank launches mobile cash withdrawal service in Hong Kong

Hang Seng BankHang Seng Bank said it is launching its new Mobile Cash Withdrawal Service, becoming the first bank in Hong Kong to offer the use of NFC technology for ATM cash withdrawals. The facility will be launched in early December and will make withdrawing cash from 600 Hang Seng ATM machines across Hong Kong as easy as just using a mobile phone to tap an NFC device or scan a QR code.

Using the facility, customers in Hong Kong can initiate cash withdrawal instructions on their mobile phones by using the Hang Seng Personal Banking mobile app and then collect their cash at the nearby Hang Seng ATM. Customers can choose to use the ATM’s QR code or NFC connection to make withdrawals, which will be included in the HK$10,000 daily limit for small-value transfers, the bank said.

“We are excited about introducing NFC technology into our customers’ banking experience, offering them even greater choice and convenience. The Mobile Cash Withdrawal Service is another new offering in our broad suite of digital capabilities. Hang Seng’s differentiating strength lies in our ability to leverage our vast service network to offer a seamless online-offline banking experience for customers. This new service will make it faster and easier for our customers to withdraw cash from our wide network of ATMs by enabling them to initiate such transactions using their mobile phones,” said Margaret Kwan, Executive Director and Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management at Hang Seng.

At launch, all Hang Seng ATMs will support QR code cash withdrawals and over half will support both QR code and NFC cash withdrawals. NFC connectivity will be extended to all ATMs in the first half of 2020, the bank added. SMS and e-mail notifications will be sent to customers after the completion of cash withdrawals through this new service.

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