Grupo Crédito AgrícolaPortuguese financial group Grupo Crédito Agrícola and London-based software firm Meniga joined forces to launch a new banking app titled moey!

The app will make use of Meniga’s technology for categorization and improvement, to facilitate Crédito Agrícola’s customers with an immersive and interactive experience, Meniga stated via its news blog.

Moey! is expected to offer an easy-to-use and secure solution for everyday banking, and grant customers access to payment services including Apple Pay, MB WAY, Android Wallet and Group expenses.

“Through the moey! app’s intuitive interface and features, users will enjoy a seamless mobile experience which will significantly improve their everyday banking and personal finances,” Ricardo Madeira, Inovação e Digital, Director at Crédito Agrícola commented.

The app is being described by the companies as an alternative to quick smartphone payments, savings tools, withdrawals and TPA payments abroad, with no additional commissions.

With the app, Portuguese users are likely to have access to unique services in the Portuguese banking market, with no transfer fees and no opening or account management costs, as per a statement.

Crédito Agrícola is a cooperative banking and insurance group, offering a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and companies. The group has 350,000 associates and 1,000,000 clients, with more than 656 branches in Portugal and representation offices in Luxembourg, Geneva, and Paris.

by Sheeba Bhagat Dawar
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence