Brits are increasingly turning to crowdfunding to raise money for personal medical costs and health expenses. Since 2010, over £15.5 million has been raised in social fundraising platform GoFundMe’s ‘Medical, Illness & Healing’ category, across nearly 5,000 individual campaigns, from more than 480,000 donors, making it the largest category on the platform in the past year. The average donation to a campaign is now £41.

“The support of family and friends during times of need has always been there, but GoFundMe allows that support to expand beyond physical communities, and spread quickly across the world via social networks. This is an especially powerful tool in times of medical emergency,” says GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon. “It is our mission at GoFundMe to provide a platform that allows everyday people to take extraordinary action when it is needed, and to change their lives, or the lives of those around them. The GoFundMe giving community is now over 25 million strong, and we see incredible acts of help and empathy happening every single day.”

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by Scott Thompson
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