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GBT to develop new microchip architectures for AI market expansion

GBT TechnologiesGBT Technologies Inc, an Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled solutions provider has announced its plans to develop new microchip architectures aimed at expanding its AI market.

The new architectures, which are currently in a development stage, are targeted to leverage AI technologies for the benefit of IC (Integrated circuit) design houses, according to a statement.

GBT is focusing on advanced manufacturing processes for the creation of electronic products. The company plans to continue its IC scaling in order to achieve high silicon transistor density while keeping overall die size small.

The new architectures are various combinations of the matrix, vector and scalar styles designed for AI GPU chips, which can be used in a wide variety of applications.  The new concepts will be based on the company’s recently filed patent, which seeks to protect 3D multi-planner microchip technologies.  The idea is to enable the design of 3D multi-planner processing components inside a chip.

GBT’s GPUs are planned to allow designers to have light-speed processing units, assembled directly on the chip die. The company is attempting to achieve high computational density using a modular approach, implementing advanced IC manufacturing processes.

“High-capacity, high-speed AI processing is crucial for next-generation computing and we are stepping forward to combine crucial modules within one chip. We create chips’ architecture hierarchy in order to enable high-speed interconnectivity at the silicon die level,” Danny Rittman, GBT’s CTO commented.

GBT Technologies Inc is an IoT creator, developing IoT and AI-enabled mobile technology platforms. Its intellectual property includes smart microchips, mobile, and security applications and protocols, supporting cloud software.

The core of GBT’s system will be its advanced microchip technology that can be installed in any mobile or fixed device worldwide. The company claims the system as a low-cost, secure, private mesh network between any enabled devices, providing shared processing, advanced mobile database management/sharing and enhanced mobile features.

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