Horse racing enthusiasts in Tokyo will soon be able to place bets and collect payouts with contactless cards without worrying about losing betting tickets and handling coins. The Japan Racing Association (JRA) has decided to move to palm vein technology to authenticate bets.

The biometric-enabled cashless betting machines, developed by Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Frontech Limited, will be set up at the Tokyo Racecourse on 22 September.

The technology enables customers to link their pre-registered vein information with the JRA-UMACA contactless cards. This information can also be used to re-issue a lost card and prevent its fraudulent use. The betting machine is programmed to authenticate the bet request after the customer holds out their hand to the machine and taps the card. These cards need to be pre-loaded with money to place bets at the race course.

The JRA later plans to extend the use of cashless betting machines to their racecourse facilities in Fukushima, Chukyo and Hanshin.

Fujitsu is also testing the palm vein technology in retail applications in Japan.

by Parnika Sokhi