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FSS launches voice banking platform for United Bank of India

FSSIndian payments technology and transaction processing provider FSS has launched a real-time voice banking platform for United Bank of India, in partnership with Amazon, to enable personalized banking experience.

The solution called FSS Voice Commerce will enable the customers of the lender to “talk and bank”. It will enable seamless round-the-clock, secure access to a range of financial and non-financial banking services.

FSS Voice Commerce uses machine-learning techniques for analysis and synthesis of language and speech to personalize the customer experience. The machine-learning capabilities embedded in the solution will begin to pick up consumers patterns emerging from the usage and will result in insight-led banking experience.

The solution currently allows the users of the bank to inquire about their account balance, reset voice pin, information on last transaction and service requests like issuing a cheque book. Other services such as fund transfer are in the pipeline, FSS said.

“Voice-based banking services will give customers a relatively new way of banking that we want our customers to experience. It will also help us understand better the customer behaviour in adapting to new banking gadgets in future,” said Ajit Kumar Das, Executive Director, United Bank of India.

FSS Voice Commerce interfaces with multiple banking systems at the back end to provide real-time information of bank accounts, balances along with transactional capabilities enabling a unified and omni-channel banking experience. All the transactions through the new solution are secure and it supports out-of-band multi-factor authentication including one-time passcodes, to maintain the integrity of the transaction ecosystem and prevent fraud, FSS said.

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