Max Koenig, Director of Plug and Play Fintech

Global investment management firm Franklin Templeton has collaborated with Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator Plug and Play with an aim to gain access to startups and other corporate leaders in the asset/wealth management industry.

According to the accelerator, providing an innovation platform for investment management firms will facilitate digital transformation for the industry.

“Fintech companies serve as the building blocks in our effort to become the investment firm of the future, enhancing our innovation-driven roadmap. Joining the Silicon Valley Plug and Play’s Fintech platform enables a front row seat to evaluate, potentially invest in, and nurture Fintech companies in their growth, while also providing access for commercial collaborations, to accelerate our efforts in improving business outcomes for investors,” says Joe Boerio, Chief Technology Officer for Franklin Templeton.

Established in 2015, Plug and Play launched its Fintech platform in Silicon Valley and now has offices in Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Frankfurt etc. Working with around 50 institutions, Plug and Play provides an innovation platform for asset and wealth management firms.

“We look forward to serving a new segment within financial services that is destined to change,” says Max Koenig, Director of Plug and Play Fintech. “Franklin Templeton will be a key factor to our sourcing efforts and are aligned well internally to engage with startups from business development and investment capacity.”

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence