Flexi-Fi and Mitek to streamline online credit application process

PJ Byrne, CEO at Flexi-Fi

Ireland based retail payment provider Flexi-Fi has entered in a strategic alliance with the West-coast based digital identity verification software solution provider, Mitek. This partnership will enable the retail payments platform to streamline the online credit application process and secure customer profiles.

Flexi-Fi will make use of Mitek’s proprietary tool Mobile Verify which will allow Flex-fi to make its customer application process faster, secure and more affordable. Mobile Verify has the ability to read and authenticate customer’s ID documents this has made it easier and faster for Flexi-fi to make a credit assessment decision. This technology is said to keep Flexi-fi’s partners including Harvey Norman, Homebase and Compu be in compliance with data privacy regulations.

PJ Byrne, CEO at Flexi-Fi, said: “The integration of Mitek’s Mobile Verify® functionality into our application process has dramatically improved customer experience and has resulted in quicker application processing times which will be welcome news to retailers and customers alike. Mitek also saves us time and resources as our credit assessment team is able to make more accurate decisions in real-time. The team can trust the technology to verify the ID document online and therefore focus their time on the merits of a credit application.”

With this partnership, Mitek will be enabling Flexi-fi to reduce fraud losses, defaults and ensure data privacy regulations followed by an enriched solution for customer satisfaction.

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