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Fiserv unveils Notifi real-time alerts system

Fiserv has launched a new real-time alert system for retail and SME customers, named Notifi.

The solution aims to combine information from a financial institutions systems into a central hub from which alerts can be sent out.

Notifi will gather data from core account processing, online and mobile banking, lending software, credit cards and more.

Notifi will send alerts on a range of different aspects, from low balances on deposits accounts to ending loan payments and fraudulent transactions.

Home Federal Bank and C&F Bank are among the first takers of the software. Lisa Harris, COO of Home Federal Bank, says that the system will help the bank operate in a “competitive market where the average age is 35 to 39.”

”These people are buying cars and homes and they are asking for capabilities like alerts that help them manage their finances,” says Harris. “For many of them, their phone is their primary source of information. With Notifi we can be a partner that is keeping them informed and stand out as a leader in 24/7 digital banking.”

C&F Bank, meanwhile, is aiming for enhanced efficiency and better customer interaction through the new system.

“Our customers are rapidly adopting mobile banking and, no matter their age, they have expectations of immediacy,” says Rodney Overby, CIO at C&F Bank.

“About half of the calls we receive are balance or transfer-related. Providing updates via alerts helps eliminate some of those basic calls so our employees can focus on more complex and higher value inquiries.”

Notifi, according to the vendor, can be integrated across multiple products and is simple to integrate.

By Alex Hamilton

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