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Fiserv introduces interactive branch kiosk for better customer service

Shawn Holtzclaw, GM, SVP- Fraud, Risk, ECM, & Financial Solutions, Fiserv

To enable banks and credit unions to transform their branch experience, Fiserv Inc. has launched interactive branch kiosk with self-service options for account holders.

The kiosk’s hardware is manufactured by Hyosung and can integrate directly with a bank or credit union’s core account processing platform and card services network.

The new service is expected to provide consumers with an ability to conduct transactions within the branch lobby, drive-thru, and other physical touchpoints.

“Interactive Branch Kiosk can automate a significant number of transactions that take place within a branch,” said Shawn Holtzclaw, general manager and senior vice president, Fraud, Risk, ECM, and Financial Solutions, Fiserv. “Consumers are empowered to manage their interactions at their pace, and branch staff is free to focus on advisory roles and more complex tasks,” he added.

The kiosk will be integrated with the Verifast palm vein identification solution from Fiserv to provide the ease and security of biometric authentication, according to the supplier.

“Offering a comprehensive self-service option saves our members time, and the integration of Verifast for biometric authentication gives members the peace of mind that only they can access their accounts,” said Andy Joneson, vice president of technology at Members Cooperative Credit Union, one of the first financial institutions to implement Interactive Branch Kiosk.

Interactive Branch Kiosk will allow consumers to check balances and make payments on loans, withdraw cash against credit cards or debit cards, authenticate over-limit cash withdrawals, make money transfers, and conduct other such transactions, the supplier said in a statement. The platform will also offer multilingual capabilities allowing consumers to interact in their preferred language.

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