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Firms must consider cloud choices carefully, expert says


Tom Maleczek, CTO Charles Taylor InsureTech, discussed cloud

Tom Maleczek, CTO Charles Taylor InsureTech

Companies need to spend time getting the right cloud for the job, focusing on performance, scalability and total cost of ownership, as well as on whether to use one or multiple providers, Charles Taylor InsureTech’s CTO has said.

In a presentation on how independent software vendors (ISVs) innovate with machine learning and the cloud, Tom Maleczek, CTO of Charles Taylor InsureTech, said hybrid cloud models deliver the best performance.

However, companies must take the necessary steps and time to consider which clouds to utilise, the CTO said at the talk, hosted by Computer Weekly, Oracle, Equinix and Cintra.

Discussing Charles Taylor InsureTech’s transition into a cloud-based model, Maleczek said the next steps are to look at containers and communities, and how to leverage both Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud.

“What I’ve come to realise on this journey is the benefits and the need for more of a hybrid cloud strategy. Personally, I’m a big advocate now of hybrid cloud models, you can then find the best tool for the job, and also, as an organisation providing solutions for clients that are on separate cloud journeys as well.

“If we were to just go and say, ‘we’ve only done it one way’, we’re actually closing the door on a large marketplace,” Maleczek said.

Discussing the financial services and insurance space, Maleczek named a number of business drivers which firms are faced with, such as global marketplaces and reduced barriers to entry, increasing levels of M&A, cybercrime, regulation and digital disruption.

On the technology side, the focus is on speed and agility, flexibility and scalability, security and access to new technology, as well as how to deal with legacy IT and an added pressure on IT capital investments.

Maleczek noted that security is an important consideration when moving to a cloud environment, but that this is the case for on-premise solutions too.

“We have the same exposure because of some of the things we’re doing around digital disruption front end, that actually open up our data centres over the public internet as well. So, it is a bit of a myth.”

The Charles Taylor InsureTech CTO also noted that for companies moving towards a cloud model, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a good first step for establishing a cloud mindset and delivery model.

“But it’s not the end game. To truly be scalable and flexible, you have to be looking at Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and integrating services together.”

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