Featurespace and Emailage partner to combat online application fraud


        Martina King, CEO, Featurespace

Online fraud prevention solutions provider, Emailage has entered into a partnership with UK-based risk detection and fraud prevention service provider Featurespace in a bid to combat the growing instances of online application fraud.

Martina King, CEO of Featurespace, said: “This integration makes it easy for all of our customers to leverage the combined power of our innovative Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and Emailage’s proprietary data set to improve risk scoring and reduce exposure to sophisticated online threats at the point of application.”

According to the supplier, the partnership will see the integration of ARIC platform into Emailage’s global consortium of data and risk assessment. This will help in the detection and the reporting of application fraud, thus improving the customer authentication accuracy.

Established in 2012, Emailage’s email risk assessment technology aims to utilize data inputs from a vast global network generating digital identities from a user’s email address. These digital identities are then fed through the ARIC platform, thus enhancing the machine learning models and enhance efficiency in preventing and combating new attacks.

Tim White, Chief Partnership Officer at Emailage, commented: “In order to keep up with the fast-changing payment landscape, we are always on the lookout to leverage our expertise and that of other providers. Emailage and Featurespace are two companies moving in the same direction, in terms of innovation and growth. Therefore, we felt this collaboration was a highly strategic opportunity. This is yet another step in our journey to provide our customers with full regulatory compliance and a best-in-class solution.”

Recently, Featurespace announced the delivery of its ARIC Fraud Hub to UK-based banking, payments, and processing solutions provider, Contis within a 92-day timeframe.

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