The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published its annual report, which looks back on the key pieces of work undertaken by the regulator throughout 2015/16. It has also released a report summarising the activities it has undertaken to promote competition in financial services in its first three years.

John Griffith-Jones, Chairman of the FCA, says: “As a regulator we focus on the areas which are not working so effectively, and where problems do occur our aim is to respond quickly. A simple quantitative assessment of our achievements during the year is not possible, but there are some indicators of a positive direction of travel which are highlighted in this report. We were given our competition mandate in 2013 and tasked with producing a standalone annual competition report to show how we are delivering against our objectives. This report is published alongside the FCA’s annual report, which covers all three of our interlinked objectives. I hope both documents demonstrate both the breadth of our activities and the difference we make to UK consumers, financial services and the wider economy.”

 The full text of the annual report can be found here.

And the full text of the competition report here.

By Scott Thompson

by Scott Thompson
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