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Equinix receives BCR compliance for data transfer safety from Europe

Russell Poole, MD, U.K., Equinix

Global interconnection and data center company, Equinix has announced the completion of the Binding Corporate Rules’ (BCRs) approval by EU regulators. The BCRs are expected to enable companies in transferring personal data across the region in the European Economic Area and compliance with BCR allows the personal data flow to be GDPR compliant.

Peter Waters, SVP Legal EMEA and Chief Privacy Officer, Equinix, “As a company that helps facilitate the movement of data globally, we felt that seeking the highest standard of compliance around international transfers of personal data was the right approach for both Equinix and our global customer base, and that meant leveraging BCRs. As our BCRs were the first-ever to go through the process post-GDPR, we were put under scrutiny by the data protection regulators across the 27 EU member states. To have secured the approval of our BCRs in this context is a real success story. We believe this is an important milestone for Equinix in our own compliance strategy and for our global customers and partners who look to us to provide the security and trust required around how we operate our global enterprise.”

According to the supplier, the process to get BCRs approved came into effect as a result of the uncertainty pertaining to Brexit and the no-deal exit in the EU. The certification comes as the governments consider and implement data privacy regulations modeled after the GDPR. Equinix’s BCRs cover personal data transferred from legal entities of Equinix in the EU worldwide, including employee and business contact information, i.e., customer, partner, supplier and vendor information.

Russell Poole, Managing Director U.K., Equinix, “As the U.K. continues to prepare to leave the European Union, companies that leverage Equinix as a business partner can be confident that their personal data we obtain will continue to be protected to the high standards set by the European Union, regardless of what a final Brexit deal may look like. This will allow the seamless transfer of their personal data to continue unabated across Equinix’s global platform.”


Established in 1998 in California, Equinix aims to connect businesses to their customers, employees, and partners inside the data centers.

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