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EasyTransfer and Wirecard collaborate to offer mobile payment solutions

EasyTransferWirecard, a digital financial technology based in Munich, and China’s EasyTransfer are collaborating to enable seamless mobile payments for digital-native Chinese students. The two companies are launching a new mobile payment and loyalty app designed for these students studying outside the country.

Georg von Waldenfels, Executive Vice President Group Business Development, Wirecard mentioned, “Ease of use is imperative for EasyTransfer. Its success is built upon a highly consumer-centric approach and active engagement with its users.”

He further stated, “The future of payment globally is simple, intelligent, and mobile. EasyTransfer agrees with this vision. Thanks to EasyTransfer and Wirecard, international Chinese students can not only manage their personal finances securely and comprehensively in their host country but they can do so in a manner already familiar to them, garnering assurance and peace-of-mind.”

EasyTransfer streamlines the entire traditional wire transfer process and makes it completely digital thereby saving time. The online financial service platform for overseas students helps students to pay tuition, fees and rent to colleges and universities worldwide.

Yutong (Tony) Gao, President, EasyTransfer said, “It is our mission to set the standard by which all other companies are compared. We want to become the number one financial service provider for the more than 1,800,000 Chinese students that now study abroad. We want to achieve this through exceptional customer service and a revolutionary user experience. Wirecard’s support and expertise in international payments is imperative to us in achieving that goal.”

Wirecard has customised its intelligent mobile payment platform for EasyTransfer which will offer Chinese international students flexible and familiar payment processes as well as a wealth of loyalty features and ancillary services.

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