Diebold Nixdorf lands Russian Post Bank contract

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The Russian Post Bank has selected Diebold Nixdorf to supply 3,200 self-service cash recycling systems together with software and services. The FI is expanding its retail banking network within Russian post office branches across the country. The deal will allow for the discontinuation of traditional cashier stations, and enable consumers to perform all cash transactions including loan grant, settlement and deposits at the self-service systems.

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By end of 2018, Post Bank will offer cash services to its clients on more than 4,000 Diebold Nixdorf recycling systems. “Diebold Nixdorf’s outstanding systems quality and comprehensive services has enabled us to streamline operational efficiencies and achieve network growth in smaller settlements and distant territories in Russia,” says Elena Mokhnacheva, board member, director of operations, Post Bank.

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