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Deutsche Bank launches Motion Code card in Spain with Mastercard

Deutsche Bank has collaborated with Mastercard and IDEMIA, a provider of Augmented Identity, in a bid to launch a Motion Code card in Spain called the Tarjeta Calma.

According to the companies, Motion Code technology is based on the Dynamic Security Code system and comprises a cryptogram that changes randomly for facilitating the provision of better security for online payment. The technology aims to prevent data theft and cloning.

The Tarjeta Calma card will feature a CVC at the back of the card which will update every four hours in a bid to secure online transactions.

“The Deutsche Bank Mastercard Tarjeta Calma will go beyond usual payment card benefits and offers customers the latest security tech so that they can buy online in an environment where online shopping is ever-growing. We are thrilled to pioneer this technology in Spain and introduce this new product backed by Mastercard and IDEMIA,” commented Luis Miegimolle, Deutsche Bank Card Manager.

The Calma card also offers the best price guarantee, i.e. if the cardholder finds the asset acquired at a lower price in another establishment, the difference in the amount between both products will be returned. The customer will also be reimbursed for the amount of the transaction made online in case of disagreement or non-delivery of the product.

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