DataRobot on FactSet to transform AI-based investment workflows


Rob Hegarty, GM of Financial Markets and Fintech, DataRobot

Integrated financial information provider, FactSet, and enterprise AI provider, DataRobot have announced the launch of DataRobot’s AI investment workflow DataRobot on FactSet.  It is an automated machine learning tool that allows FIs to implement AI into their investment workflows.

“Clients are looking for more effective data and AI tools that will help them surface new investment insights faster and with greater efficiency,” said Rob Robie, Executive Vice President, Analytics, FactSet. “We are excited to be working with DataRobot to provide an elegant and intuitive solution that allows users to develop and execute successful machine learning strategies.”

According to the supplier, DataRobot on FactSet enables clients to utilize their existing workflows and data within FactSet’s platform, boost productivity by increasing the speed and scale of their financial models, helping teams move from data to prediction faster, integrating advanced automated machine learning technology from DataRobot into the FactSet workstation, allowing clients to build, deploy, monitor, and manage sophisticated machine learning models quickly and easily.

“There is an unprecedented opportunity for investment professionals to capitalize on their data, and now is the time to adopt robust AI and machine learning capabilities,” said Rob Hegarty, GM of Financial Markets and Fintech, DataRobot. “We’re excited to work with FactSet on this dynamic integration which will help more organizations make data-driven decisions and realize the true value of AI.”

Through the tool, clients can create predictive, automated AI applications for factors such as equity volatility, bond performance, and macroeconomic event predictions. The technology will scale AI and data-driven investment strategies with support from DataRobot’s world-class data science professionals.

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