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DailyPay and Viventium partner for on-demand pay

New York-based Viventium, a SaaS-based human capital management solution provider, has announced that the company has entered into a strategic partnership with DailyPay, a FinTech provider of earned income software. Through the partnership, Viventium clients have access to DailyPay products and can offer the full suite of DailyPay products to their employees at no extra cost to their organization and with no changes to their existing payroll setup.

The collaboration between the companies resulted in an integration that enables the two platforms to share data, calculate a real-time available balance for employees that enroll in the program, and facilitate employee requested fund transfer instantaneously. The partnership is expected to enable Viventium to offer best in class benefits to their employees and will also have the provision to provide employees, their access to pay before the payday.

DailyPay empowers employees to transfer or to save their earned and unpaid income to any bank account or pay card, before their next payday. Through its balance feature, employees can track their accumulated earnings during each pay period.

“In an effort to support our clients’ employees, and in particular those in the healthcare industry, we are proud to offer a greater degree of financial flexibility during this tumultuous time. Viventium’s partnership with DailyPay underscores our commitment to provide innovative HR technology solutions that enhance the employee experience for our clients. In light of the current pandemic, it is critical that we do everything we can to enable employees to access their pay as soon as they earn it. This program is especially beneficial for businesses in the healthcare space as they work to recruit and retain top staff, offer financial stability to their employees, and maintain compliance,” said Dan Neuburger, Viventium CEO.

“DailyPay works with a rapidly increasing number of businesses in the healthcare industry, and we’ve seen firsthand how challenging employee retention can be especially during this crisis. With healthcare workers being at the forefront of the pandemic, it is more important than ever that they have financial flexibility. Through this partnership with Viventium, we bring our solution to even more businesses like Rockaway Home Care and continue to improve stability in the American workforce,” said Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay.

Founded in 2015, DailyPay’s solutions easily integrate with companies’ payroll and time management systems to give employees control over their pay. The FinTech has recently announced that it is offering free access to pay for employees during the pandemic. Its client portfolio includes Adecco, Rockaway Home Care, Berkshire Hathaway and Six Flags.

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