Freddy Kelly, CEO of Credit Kudos

Cybertonica and Credit Kudos announced at Money20/20 a new partnership using their combined platforms to automate credit scoring, harnessing Open Banking. The use of Cybertonica’s new ScreenWiZe™ product will enable new features and behavioural analytics, improving scores and speed by more than 30%.

Credit Kudos is an FCA-authorised challenger Credit Bureau and Account Information Service Provider (AISP) that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness. Through direct connections to the UK’s largest banks, Credit Kudos aggregates and interprets transaction data for use by lenders, brokers, and financial institutions. Using Open Banking standards, transaction data combined with biometric and behavioural modelling means rapid approval of an application and near zero fraud and default rates. The Cybertonica-Credit Kudos team will reduce non-paying lenders by 50% or more, while actually growing approval levels across a portfolio that grows 20% faster. Ruling out bad applicants and providing credit decisions in real-time

“Credit Kudos is a new kind of Credit Bureau that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness, their way of scoring e-commerce applications in a digital world significantly disrupts today’s more process-heavy underwriting services. The Cybertonica team are really excited to be aligned with this cutting-edge technology. ScreenWiZe™ is a biometric mouse movement monitoring technology that works symmetrically with Credit Kudos adding value in different verticals.”, said Alan Nagle, Chief Commercial Officer of Cybertonica

Cybertonica, the London based Fintech company founded in 2015, uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to manage risk and fraud, increasing trust and growing frictionless banking and m/e-payments globally. The recent introduction of ScreenWiZe extends the company’s product suite into behavioural analytics and makes secure devices part of the defence against AML, Fraud and account-takeover.

Freddy Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder of Credit Kudos said, “We’re thrilled to partner with the team at Cybertonica, combining the power of transaction data, alongside biometric and behavioural modelling to further advance the measurement of creditworthiness. Our platform takes the pain out of scoring e-commerce applications for both the applicant and lender.”

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence