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Credorax partners with Raisin to offer retail deposits to Raisin customers in Germany

CredoraxFintech bank and smart payments provider Credorax, and European online savings marketplace Raisin have entered into a new partnership to offer retail deposits to Raisin customers in Germany. Raisin’s German platform WeltSparen (www.WeltSparen.de) will be the portal for the payments specialist’s new products which will offer retail customers savings opportunities with higher interest rates.

“Partnering with Raisin is a great opportunity for Credorax. As the payments and banking sector rapidly evolves in Germany and across Europe, this unique partnership allows us to expand our offering on the continent to include deposits,” said Igal Rotem, CEO at Credorax. “Entering the savings market both extends our range of products and services and enables us to continue building our capacity to support more European merchants with our payments technology.”

Through this partnership, Raisin will be able to broaden its product portfolio for customers, and Credorax will be able to quickly and flexibly expand its banking offer, offering deposits in new markets, as well as gain high-quality retail funding to support its growth and strengthen its position in the European payments and banking space, they said in a statement.

“Making Credorax’s first deposit products available exclusively to our customers in Germany is a win for Raisin and for German savers looking for competitive yields on their deposits. By facilitating investing anywhere in Europe, we’re providing customers with a solution to the persistent low-interest environment in Germany,” said Dr. Tamaz Georgadze, Raisin CEO and co-founder.

“With this partnership, we can create an opportunity for Credorax within the smart payments sector to diversify their funding base, and take another step toward the new cooperative fintech economy — one built on specialization and partnerships like this.”

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