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CompSource Partners with Behalf to provide flexible payment option

BehalfOnline supplier of computer and electronic products CompSource, Inc. has partnered with Behalf, a financing firm based in the US, to provide a more flexible payment option to its business customers.

The eCommerce store has added a new payment method by collaborating with Behalf. This provides its business customers with a feasible option of buying products and paying later as per the schedule selected by them upon the purchase, according to the statement.

Behalf provides short term microloans to businesses based in the US. The company pays the vendors directly on the part of the small companies, for the purchase of goods or services. The online financing platform works as a line of credit, allowing businesses to pay interest on the amount of credit they use to fund their purchases.

Cleveland-based CompSource has over 700,000 branded products which include computer hardware, software and various types of consumer electronic goods. The new payment option will allow its customers to schedule a time for the payment of recently purchased products.

CompSource has been a supplier of computers and consumer electronic goods since the early 1990s. They started by selling their own brand of computers. Now, they stock a large number of office products including computer hardware & software, peripherals, office supplies, furniture and janitorial goods.

New York-based Behalf is an alternative financing provider. Its B2B payments solution enables merchants to extend free net terms and flexible financing, providing business customers with more buying power and payment choice regardless of transaction or invoice size. B2B merchants can fit Behalf seamlessly into their eCommerce checkout flow, and automate payments in all your B2B sales channels, including invoicing and managed sales.

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