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CollabNet VersionOne to demonstrate VSM solution at RTE Summit

Amsterdam-based CollabNet VersionOne, a provider of Enterprise Agile Product Delivery and Value Stream Management has announced that it will be showcasing its Value Stream Management (VSM) at the RTE Summit that is to be held in Amsterdam.

CollabNet VersionOne VS is a VSM solution developed for propelling organizational efforts with data-based insights. The solution aims to enhance business processes by measuring, tracking, optimizing and aligning software delivery with that of the organization’s objectives.

“Release Train Engineers are critical to Agile transformation, and SAFe recognizes this in its RTE-specific training. We will demonstrate our continued support of SAFe and the upcoming SAFe 5.0 framework. Additionally, we will share how VSM can further enable scaled Agile initiatives,” said Thomas Hooker, VP of Marketing at CollabNet VersionOne. “VSM is significant to the RTE role, so we look forward to engaging with the global (RTE) and the SAFe community, take their questions, and most importantly learn what challenges they face, and what tools and solutions they seek.”

Established in 1999, CollabNet VersionOne is an Enterprise Value Stream Management solutions provider that accelerates high-value software development and delivery, while improving quality and reducing risk.

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