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Coinsilium concludes investment for cryptocurrency trading platform Coindash

Blockchain accelerator Coinsilium has completed its investment of $75,000 in Coin-Dash through a Convertible Loan Agreement. The platform, named “Coindash”, will allow investors to manage and analyse their crypto assets portfolio, share insights and achievements, copy-trade and get signals other cryptocurrency traders.

“We are delighted to be investing in Coindash at this early stage of its development. It represents an exciting proposition in the emerging Token space – the so-called Blockchain 2.0,” comments Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium. “We believe that the worldwide trading of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow at a fast pace and we are confident that the Coindash team has the right skillset to establish [its platform] as the leading social trading platform of this new multi-billion-dollar market.”

Coinsilium will receive a number of Coindash crypto tokens in the next few months. In 2016, over $200 million of crypto tokens were issued by various blockchain enterprises as a method for financing their development.

Coindash is also a partner of companies like CryptoCompare, Smith + Crown and RSK Labs.

Coinsilium manages the development of blockchain technology through its consortium of investors and executive managers.  It recently managed to raise a hefty amount of funding by issuing shares.


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