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Clearhaus partners with Team.blue for streamlining payments

Payment solutions provider Clearhaus announced a partnership with cloud and hosting company Team.blue in a bid to enable payment process automation at the latter’s 5000 nordic webshops.

“The partnership makes it easy and quick to start accepting the payments. The integration is seamless, and thanks to Clearhaus’ technology-driven approach to their products, we are able to automate a large number of tasks and eliminate almost all manual tasks on a daily basis,” says Anders Eiler, Sales Director at Team.blue.

According to the supplier, the partnership will allow Team.blue’s European customers to switch to Clearhaus’ payments solution. The integration with its acquiring service along with the combination of an OnPay gateway solution is expected to make it easier to receive online payments. The payments supplier’s solution aims to enable faster integration as well as provide an overview of the payment process.

“We share the same customer base as Team.blue, which is why integration makes perfect sense. Now we can offer online stores a unified solution where the integration between webshop systems and payment solutions is even better than what they used to be. Partnerships and integrations drive the payments industry forward and bring better technologies to the market. We work with over 30 payment systems across Europe and will continue to create new alliances in the coming years,” commented Claus Methmann Christensen, CEO, Clearhaus.

Recently, Clearhaus integrated with payment gateway Newgen Payments to develop a white-label payment solution for ISOs and PSPs to sell under their brands.

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