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CJC deploys Push Technology’s Diffusion to stream real-time market data

CJCPush Technology, a real-time intelligent data streaming and messaging solutions company, announced today that CJC has chosen its Real-Time API Management platform – Diffusion, to help address the customer cloud market data challenges. By deploying the platform as part of its cloud tools, CJC can stream full tick market data from the cloud in real-time.

Peter Williams, CTO, CJC expounded, “At CJC we’re keen to help customers accelerate their cloud strategies and it’s a pleasure to work with a like-minded team at Push Technology. Our Cloud Tools’ ability to automate deployment of the Diffusion Real-Time API Management platform provides a rapid and robust solution to customers’ requirements for complex market data workloads in the cloud. Diffusion is an excellent platform for streaming real-time, full tick market data, handling integration of all sources, as well as efficient and reliable distribution to web and mobile applications.”

Diffusion enables CJC to stream market data from the cloud and accelerate market data workloads. It is purpose built to stream real-time data from all data sources – its proprietary delta data streaming technology only sends updates when data changes, substantially reducing the amount of data sent and bandwidth usage costs. The platform is said to simplify and speed development, deployment, and scaling of customers’ systems.

Sean Bowen, CEO, Push Technology apprised, “Diffusion removes the cloud data management and delivery challenges faced by many organizations in the financial services sector. The Diffusion Real-Time API Management platform enables companies to optimize their cloud strategies and deliver industry leading innovation.”

CJC’s new cloud solution deconstructs the traditional installation, allowing it to deploy and manage using cloud-native technologies, including Kubernetes, Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers. Cloud Tools enable customers and partners to deploy complex market data workloads into the cloud, as well as to accelerate cloud strategies throughout the industry. Cloud Tools, developed in partnership with Google, facilitates automated deployment of customised client financial applications and services solutions in the cloud.

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