Charity Bank signs up for Apak’s Aurius banking platform

Edward Siegel, Chief Executive at Charity Bank

Sopra Banking Software’s company Apak Group has announced that Kent-based Charity Bank is all set to implement Apak’s banking platform Aurius. According to the supplier, Aurius will replace the bank’s legacy core banking system and will be supported by Apak’s ASP Service. Post-implementation, Aurius will manage the bank’s IT management system. The platform will handle online account applications on behalf of the bank, streamline the workflow management process and automate the application process.

Edward Siegel, Chief Executive at Charity Bank said “Following our selection of Apak Group, we are very pleased to commit to implementing the Aurius platform. Our experience of working with Apak over the past few months has only served to confirm our initial decision that Apak will make an excellent long-term partner and that Aurius is a perfect fit for specialist banking organisations like Charity Bank.”With 40 years’ experience of providing specialist financial systems, Apak Group has become an established provider of expert business and technology solutions for the specialist finance sector.

The supplier states that Apak’s banking platform is expected to cater to long term depositors for fund lending into specialist markets and it facilitates the low-to-zero-touch acquisition of depositors’ funds combined with lending support.

James Powell, EVP at Apak Group, comments “We know that Aurius, combined with Apak’s decades of experience as an ASP provider, will meet Charity Bank’s need for a flexible, future-proof and efficient platform on which to build their business. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with the bank as we support them with their ambitious growth plans.”

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