Hector Ortiz, CEO of Cashwerkz

Cashwerkz, the Australia based online cash investing platform has announced that its digital cash investment platform is now available for thousands of Financial advisers in Australia using the Praemium Integrated Managed Accounts Platform. This latest data feed partnership will make Cashwerkz’s marketplace offerings immediately available for advisers using Praemium and their clients in a single platform and administration environment.

“This strategic fintech alliance is another win for the organisations involved, Australian investors and also for our ADI partners,” said Hector Ortiz, CEO of Cashwerkz. Ortiz continued: “The transparency of Cashwerkz’s online marketplace allows investors and wealth managers alike to confidently search for competitive market rates. Our homegrown technology streamlines investor identification and onboarding for cash investment facilities and rollover capabilities, which is ideal for wealth managers.”

To access Cashwerkz and its data feed functionality, Praemium wealth advisers will need to register direct on Cashwerkz via a secure login. Once identified, configuration codes will be provided to link them to the Praemium VMA platform and their client data.

Praemium’s Head of Product and Marketing, Mat Walker commented: “We are delighted to welcome Cashwerkz as a data feed partner to the Praemium Integrated Managed Accounts Platform. One of the major strengths of the Praemium platform is its ability to facilitate the broadest range of investment assets for consolidated reporting. The combination of Cashwerkz’s broad range of Term Deposits and At Call solutions and Praemium’s market-leading open architecture, data feeds and reporting will provide great efficiencies for advice businesses.”

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence